Catch of the day:

In preparation for my presentation on search engine optimization for all kind of media, here is an intial list of important links and resources:

  • Singingfish Grows As Multimedia Search Provider – Looking for audio or video files from across the web? Singingfish has offered its multimedia search engine to help you in this since mid-2000, but the company recently signed a deal to power audio-visual searching in Microsoft’s Windows Media Player client. The January deal with Microsoft means that Singingfish now provides the multimedia searching capabilities for two of the web’s largest digital media players, since Singingfish is already tied into the RealOne Player, through an agreement signed with Microsoft-rival Real, back in Fall 2001. The distribution deals helped Singingfish pass handling 1 million queries per day at the end of January (2003). Read more about this at SearchEngineWatch.com.
  • AltaVista – AltaVista Launches Largest Multimedia Search Database. AltaVista has launched an expanded version of its multimedia index, with over 240 million unique media files, including images, video clips, MP3 and other audio files. Read more about this launch at URLWire.
  • MusicMoz – MusicMoz.org Hopes to be the Open Directory For Music Sites. MusicMoz and many of its features were inspired by the Open Directory Project. MusicMoz also uses Open Directory Project data, which any site may do providing they display the correct attribution. MusicMoz is not affiliated with Netscape, although many of their volunteer editors also edit at the Open Directory Project. Read more about this launch at URLWire.

Tool of the day:

  • Iconico – WebTools The Webtools is a must for any (Windows/IE) HTML coder or web designer. Ever wanted to instantly see all the forms, images or styles on a page? Ever wanted to see how the tables are laid out on your favorite site? Well now you can, and you can also see them on any page on the net! Webtools manipulates the HTML that you view, providing reports and that hard to find information that will make you wonder why you ever ‘Viewed Source’.
  • PNHToolbar – Similar web tool but for Mozilla, the PNH Developer Toolbar is an additional Mozilla toolbar containing a collection of tools that web page builders may find helpful. I love the ability to “kill the images” and see immediately where alt text is missing.
  • Devedge Sidebar Tabs – This Mozilla sidebar is an extremely helpful resource giving you immediate access to CSS2/DOM2/HTML 4.01 references and Devedge News.

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