News of the day:

Google, the privately held Web search provider based in Mountain View, Calif., said it acquired Applied Semantics, a software company that makes applications for online advertising and managing domain names and other information. Santa Monica-based Applied Semantics’ software is based on technology that organizes knowledge from Web sites in a way “that mimics human thought and enables more effective information retrieval,” Google said. Read more about this at CNET.com.

For a more detailed analysis on the impact this acquisition would have on the search engine industry, read the article published at SearchDay, the newsletter service of the SearchEngineWatch.com.:

Google Buys Applied Semantics – Google has acquired Applied Semantics, a move that gives the company new traffic for its paid listings, new strengths in the contextual advertising space, and also potentially hurts major competitor Overture.

Tool of the day:

Acrobot – Abbreviation and Acronym Generator is a tool which converts all your acronyms to use the acronym tag with the appropriate title. This is just one of the tools and wizards offered by Accessify, a wonderful new site dedicated to accessiblity.

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