OneStat, the real-time web analytics service provider, announced the results of its annual report of the number of words in a search term used to drive traffic to web sites. As last year, this year two-word phrases are the winners with 32.58% of the total search traffic studied by OneStat. What is new is the advance of three-word phrases which brough 25.61% of the total traffic at this year’s survey, and passed the single-word searches as the second most popular search phrase.

Two keyword search phrases lead the web traffic - chart

The implications of this survey’s results are clear for web marketers – when optimizing a web site for search engine rankings, one cannot overlook the fact that most people willing to find quality results on the web are learning to use more complex search queries.

Following is a detailed comparison of the results from the 2004 and 2003 surveys…

  February 2004 Report April 2003 Report
1. 2 word phrases 32.58% 2 word phrases 29.22%
2. 3 word phrase 25.61% 1 word phrase 24.76%
3. 1 word phrases 19.02% 3 word phrases 24.33%
4. 4 word phrases 12.83% 4 word phrases 12.34%
5. 5 word phrases 5.64% 5 word phrases 5.43%
6. 6 word phrases 2.32% 6 word phrases 2.21%
7. 7 word phrases 0.98% 7 word phrases 0.94%