Summary: Web site optimization should not be for the big guys (and girls) only! You can do user experience testing and organic search engine optimization with relatively modest budget. Not doing any of those, simply because you are afraid of their perceived complexity, is the sure way of losing in a competitive market place for both small and medium size business and non-profit organizations and associations.

What about those of us who have small web marketing budgets?

The answer is:

  • you can still do web analytics with tools as inexpensive as ClickTracks;
  • you can still do user testing on a smaller scale for a couple of hundred dollars;
  • you can still have your website marketed on the web naturally, through organic search engine optimization, following the best practices suggested by the main search engines themselves.

Not doing anything to optimize your web site — whether your budget is big or not — is the only way to make sure you do not improve it!
The challenge of applying web site optimization best practices to small businesses and non-profit organizations is a topic of great interest to me and I will be publishing more on the subject later on. Stay tuned!