Yahoo launches free search submit

As reported in my February 18th blog entry, “Yahoo launches new search engine…” the promised Yahoo! free search submit is now up and running. At the “Meet the crawlers” session on March 4 at the Search Engines Strategies conference, Tim Mayer of Yahoo! announced the launch of a free URL submit functionality as a part of its new Content Acquisition Program.

To be sure, the free URL submission is just a suggestion for inclusion in the Yahoo! Search index. It requires free registration with Yahoo! and is available at:

Once you login, the next step is at There, you are advised:

“Enter the full URL, including the http:// prefix (for example, of the site you would like to submit. Enter only the top-level page in your site, our crawler will explore the rest of your site from there. We will automatically detect and remove dead links on an ongoing basis.

Please expect a delay of several weeks before your URL is crawled.”

That Yahoo requires login before making the free URL available is not surprising with all the attention they have poured over the personalization of the search experience. The current Yahoo! Search is 99% result of free crawling. With more than 100 million registered users Yahoo can indeed enable a massive number of people to help grow their Content Acquisition Program.