Overture Site Match Pricing Comparison

The newly introduced Overture Site Match replaces and simplifies a variety of paid submission offerings for the different web properties purchased by Yahoo last year.

The basic selling points of Overture Site Match are:

  • Pro: Site Match up-front fees are 1/3 of the combined fees for the previous paid inclusion programs
  • Pro/Con: Only Site Match includes Yahoo Search traffic
  • Con: There are click fees based on product categories ($0.15 or $0.30 per click)

Here is a simple comparison of the paid inclusion fees, before and now:

Program 1 URL (annual) 2 URLs
Inktomi Search Submit $39 $64
FAST PartnerSite PFI $34 $50
AltaVista Express Inclusion $78 $136
Total $151 $250
Overture Site Match
(Overview Fees)
$49 $78

The review and inclusion fees are pretty straightforward. The click fees are, in my opinion, what should drive the decision to participate in the Site Match program or not. The main question one needs to ask is what is the return on investment per click. If each click costs you $0.15 (or $0.30) and you have 1000 clicks per month, this would result in $150 (or $300) click fees per month. If the conversion rate is 1.5% it means you could have 15 purchases per month. This makes the cost of marketing a purchase through the Site Match clicks $10 (or respectively $20). Can your business justify this expense? If your profit is high enough, then go ahead, if not, you are better off with organic search optimization and the free Yahoo Search submission. Either way, this little math exercise once again is reminding us of the need to track one’s web metrics on an ongoing basis.