Ask Jeeves purchase of Excite, iWon, MyWay parent Interactive Search will make it #4

While at the Search Engine Conference, the Ask Jeeves representatives shared the news that they are folding out their data feed program for inclusion of large number of dynamic pages into the Ask Jeeves index. What they did not share was the news that they are buying the parent of iWon, Excite, and MyWay portals. The significance of this is in the increase of the market share. From around 3%, Ask Jeeves will effectively double its share of the search engine market to around 7%. Interestingly, the main chunk of Ask Jeeves’ revenue comes from distribution of Google AdWords, the sponsored search results. Such business model clearly identifies a direct correlation between marketshare and revenue — the more pages you have to place sponsored searches, the more chance for revenue. If, in addition to its growing marketshare, Ask Jeeves manages to improve, as promissed, their own search technology Teoma, they will certainly become a serious player in the search field!