PositionTech revamps site and paid submission offerings

PositionTech, the company I have been using for my clients’ paid submission to Inktomi, FAST, and AskJeeves, has redesigned its site to match the new offerings in time for the Overture Site Match launch.

The site offers detailed description of the categories which will define the cost of clicks through the Overture Site Match program. The following is a sample of categories and their associated pay-per-click fees:
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Yahoo Launches Overture Site Match

On March 1st at 6 pm Pacific Time, Yahoo! launched a new paid inclusion search program which combines and replaces the paid inclusion programs of Inktomi, AltaVista, and FAST, and distributes search results to Yahoo Search, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, MSN, CNN, InfoSPace, and other partners of its search distribution network.

While everybody in the search engine optimization industry is trying to understand and intepret how this new program will change the way web sites are marketed via search engines, stay tuned for more details. Google, not surprisingly, reacted quite negatively to the new program which essentially forces web marketers to pay for search engine traffic without an alternative. This week, I am going to the Search Engine Strategies in New York City and should have more updates on Friday.
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