How you can bid online for Google shares

From the Mercury News:
“Google’s innovative initial public offering treats you — the regular investor — as king… Gone are the special favors to wealthy investors. Big institutions won’t have their usual first dibs either. Google will sell at least $2.7 billion of its stock — and probably much more — to the public by having investors bid for shares online. Here’s how it works.”

About up, Lycos down

Ah, the times a changin’!

Following a facelift, relaunched. What used to a be a decent human-edited directory of unique content is more and more driven by ads which are quite intrusive. So, while the site is up, I give it a thumb or two down.

Lycos, the former king of portal acquisition (It bought HotBot, Wired, etc. in the end of the last century), is not for sale. The likely buyer? This is my speculation, but after AskJeeves’ purchase of the Interactive Search properties in March, it seems another fit in their strategy of expanding marketshare for their sponsored search results. Stay tuned…

Keyword Search Spending Accounts for 35% of the Total Online Ad Spending in 2003

Two months ago WebSage reported that “Search engine marketing drove growth in online ad spending in 2003”. Now, backed by numbers for the whole year, the Interative Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoppers further clarify that keyword search engine marketing was the leading engine of growth for the online ad industry reaching 35% of total online ad spending in 2003.

U.S. online advertisement spending in 2003

Putting this number in perspective is a prediction by eMarketer which puts online advertisement between 2.9% and 3.1% for the period 2003 – 2005.


I’ve been away from the WebSage blog trying to recover from a hard drive failure. In addition, I’ve been busy updating the QSSI SEO blog dedicated to helping government web managers understand the impact search engines have on information availability and outreach programs. I will renew the blog postings soon! Thanks for your patience!