CNET published an intriguing article on the anticipated next step in Google’s ever evolving search engine marketing offering: Google’s twist on paid inclusion. And let us state it right on: Google will not include sponsored results into its general index.

Currently, if you were to participate in the Google AdWords pay-per-click program, you start by selecting your keywords. While Google has been offering more and better tools for broadening or narrowing your keyword selection, selecting the proper terms for bidding has always been a difficult process.

Now (or in near future), borrowing from the context advertisement songbook, Google is to offer that for a modest fee you submit web pages which are then scanned by Google’s spider and analyzed for keyword content density. Then, based on the words in your pages, Google will build automatically for you a list of related keyword terms which will be included in your pay-per-click marketing campaign. Of course, participating in such a program would imply you are not affraid of spending money, perhaps big money, on search engine marketing. It will be just another way of ensuring that your site is always on top of the search engine sponsored results.

Since the CNET article is a long one and the gist of it is way down below the fold, I am proviging you with a big quote for your convenience:

“Google wants to take the technology even further. Its proposed service would allow marketers to pay to have a Web page examined more often for inclusion in sponsored listings, according to one source. Instead of having to bid on thousands of keywords, a large advertiser–such as–could rely on Google’s search technology to automatically create connections between its Web pages and related search queries. Amazon would pay Google to examine thousands of its pages and to serve an ad whenever the software deemed it appropriate. Amazon would pay an amount previously bid at auction for those pages, whenever people clicked on its listings.”