Today Google revealed its AdWords Jumpstart program aiming to introduce the pay-per-click AdWords program to those new to search engine marketing.

Google promisses that its search engine marketing specialists will:

Our specialists will:

  • Write compelling ads promoting your product or service.
  • Choose relevant keywords to trigger your ads.
  • Set cost-per-click amounts (within your budget) to maximize your ad exposure.

The price for setting an account, $299, in fact goes towards future bids, so overall the service offered by the Google AdWords Jumpstart program is free.

What looks like a great deal for newcomers to search engine marketing poses interesting questions:

Is Google fair to offer services which have been until now the realm of those who live off Google, search engine marketers? Would the services provided by Google essencially for free be equal in quality to the services provided by independent search engine marketers. Admittedly Google’s search engine marketers would know the best the inner workings of the AdWords mechanism but would they truly take the client’s interest to heart? And last but not least, is this move a sign of what’s to come once Google becomes a publically-traded company? Only time will tell…

My guess is that we are moving towards commoditization of many of the services which have been highly prized so far, very much like what happened with web development in the late 1990s and at the turn of the 21st century. The winners will be those providing higher value in the form of not merely search engine positioning but also web analytics for improved web site conversion.

For now, one thing is for sure, pay-per-click marketing got changed.