Froogle, Google’s comparison shopping search engine has been gaining in popularity and has been bringing solid traffic to e-commerce sites. Building a datafeed is the most important step in the preparation for Froogle submission. The default guidelines for datafeed require single URL per single product. This can be a challenge for many sites which might prefer to sell group of related products or list a single product with multiple valiables, i.e. color, size, etc. What to do in that case?

Here are the specific guidelines I received from the Froogle editors:

“If you have product pages for individual products, then we ask that you include those in your Froogle data feed file. However, if you only have product pages that list multiple products, it is fine to include those… if you have variations of the same product on your product page, then you may include a separate listing for each product and include the same product URL for each listing.”

If you still need help building your Froogle datafeed, feel free to contact WebSage and ask about our search engine submission services.