On Tour in Europe

Time for rest from web marketing, search engine optimization, and web analytics!

Between the 25th of June and the 11th of July, I will be performing with the Baha’i Gospel Choir on our first tour in Western Europe. We will perform in London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Luxembourg, Stuttgard, and Frankfurt. For more information visit www.bahaigospel.org.

Froogle vs. Google, separate indexes, occassionally shared search results

I just read an article on Google in the June edition of Internet Retailer. There was a statement which I feel might mislead the readers. The first paragraph of the “Modified Approach” section of the article indicates:

“If Froogle’s index is basically a subset of Google’s broader one, and a merchant’s pages already are in Google, chances are they’re already in Froogle as well.”

Froogle’s index is not a subset of Google’s one, rather a separate index which might be queried and referred to by Google in certain circumstances. That is why having one’s web catalog indexed by Froogle does not necessarily improve the rankings of the same site in Google, and vice versa. However, the search results for a particular query on Google might include top results (up to 3 for some keyword phrases) from Froogle. In this sense Froogle’s search results — not its index — could be viewed as a subset of Google’s. However, technically the Google index is independent from the Froogle index.

A recent interview with Craig Nevill-Manning provides further insight into how Froogle and Google relate.