Search Engines – As popular as they are important to online users

A new phone survey conducted by the Pew Internet Project confirms that the search engines are as popular and as important to online users as ever. The summary of the survey complemented by data released by comScore and published on August 12, 2004, indicates that:

  • More than 107 million Americans — around 84% of Internet users — have used search engines to find information
  • An average Internet user performs 33 searches per month
  • Users of the 25 most popular search engines perform a total of 3.9 billion searches per month
  • 35% of searchers perform a search at least once a day and 2/3 of them use the search engines several times a day
  • 44% of the search engine users use a single search engine, while 48% use 2 or 3 search engines
  • Using search engines is the second most popular Internet activity after checking email

Furthermore, the Pew Internet Project reports familiar distribution of searchers among the most popular search engines. When the interviewed Internet users were asked the following question, “Which search engine do you use MOST OFTEN?”, the most popular answers were:

  • 47% use Google
  • 26% use Yahoo
  • 7% use MSN
  • 2% use AskJeeves

Further insight on search engine use gained by the Pew Internet Project survey and comScore’s online tracking is available in the full PDF report.