E-Commerce Trend Report by DoubleClick

The quarterly trend report on e-commerce published by DoubleClick offers interesting insight into the mind of the e-tail users:

  • Visitors are looking at more pages per session with an increase of 12%
    (9.8 pages in Q2 03 vs. 11.0 in Q2 04), however session length remained
    relatively flat (4.78 minutes in Q2 03 vs. 4.82 in Q2 04).
  • Consumers are increasingly likely to cart items, an important indicator
    of consumer interest in making a purchase. Carting frequency rose from
    8.3% to 9.4% year over year.
  • More significantly, shoppers are more likely to buy and their spending
    per purchase has increased overall. Conversion rates have increased 14%
    year-over-year, with 4.9% of all visits resulting in a conversion. The
    average order value also increased 15% year-over-year to $134.01. More
    dramatically, the average revenue per visit increased 25% from Q2 03 to
  • However, consumers are more likely to abandon their shopping cart —
    abandoned carts increased 24% year over year from 45.9% to 57% of all
    carts. Consumers are also less likely to return to abandoned carts to
    complete a purchase. In Q2 04, only 26.5 % of sales resulted from
    previously carted items, while a year ago, they represented 35.6% of
  • Usage of on-site search functionality increased dramatically (+26%)
    year-over-year while the percent of sales from search increased 17% to
    8.4% of all purchases. More importantly, the average order value of
    sales that result from search increased 47% year-over-year.