Fortune 100 Companies Slow on SEO Use

A white paper (PDF, 254 KB) published by OneUpWeb, a search engine marketing company, reveals that the big brand companies of the Fortune 100 list are still slow to tap the power of search engine marketing. Comparing with its findings from 2002, OneUpWeb concludes that while there has been some growth of search engine optimization among the web sites of Fortune 100 companies, it does not correspond to the growth of the search engine marketing industry. Such lack of apparent interest in implementing organic search engine optimization might risk the web brand marketshare of the companies, in addition to the loss of potential sales.

Among the findings of the survey are:

  • 44% of all Fortune 100 companies in 2004 do not use any SEO best practices; 55% of the 2002 list of Fortune 100 companies were not using SEO
  • 47%, 3% more than in 2002, have been utilizing some form of search engine optimization but often have deployed practices that might backfire and are not sustainable
  • Just 9% of the Fortune 100 companies use best search engine optimization practices, effectivelly triple the number of such companies in 2002
  • Finally the survey concludes that the global leaders are at risk of losing marketshare unless implementing rigorous search engine marketing campaigns.