Questions & Answers from a recent SEM 2.0 Google Group Thread

A recent question posted on the SEM2 Google group had me provide brief answers which are nevertheless universal and are shared here:

1. What can be done to guarantee that Google index’s your site often.

Have new content. Google as well as other search engines love fresh content. Whether you do that through blog, press releases, articles, etc, it is up to you, but try to have something new published regularly and over time this will send a signal to the spiders to come and visit more often.

2. Second, what is the average time to be placed in DMOZ?

Six weeks seems to be the average but can vary. Keep in mind that the DMOZ editors are all volunteers, which implies they are busy with their full time job. You can courtiously inquire about a submission through the DMOZ forum. I have found that submitting on a geographical basis (i.e. B2B company based in XX state) first accelerates acceptance.

3. How this (DMOZ listing) works in regards to pagerank?

DMOZ listings tend to carry higher value in Google’s algorithm because they have been edited by a human and the Open Directory has consistently shown good quality of newly submitted content. Because of that, Google visits DMOZ often, thus the importance of having your site listed with DMOZ.

I would have you ask yourself the question about conversion very seriously. If you are in the AdSense business then you need a lot of content and eyeballs. If you are in any business dependant on conversion, you should make sure your content, action items, copy, information architecture, any aspect of your web presence should work towards improving your conversion rates. To do that you need to implement some web metrics and regularly track their success.