Search Engine Marketing Effectiveness

Paying more for keywords on pay-per-click search engines does not necessarily get the most value for their dollars, according to a report published by DoubleClick, “Search Engine Marketing Considerations,” and based on data from DoubleClick search and affiliate marketing unit Performics.

According to the report, more than 60 percent of “active” keywords resulting in at least one click during the last month, cost 20 cents or less. In contrast, keywords that cost more than $1 account for only 6 percent of those clicked on at least once a month.

Higher position doesn’t necessarily mean greater click volume. The report concludes that high click-volume keywords perform equally well both above and below the top three. In fact, lower-positioned keywords drive 10 percent of total conversions. Moreover, conversion rates tend to fall as cost-per-click prices exceed 50 cents.

The report concludes that search engine marketing requires a combination of human expertise, robust technology, and constant attention–three qualities that are not always readily available to the average interactive shop or in-house marketing department.

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