Google among the most respected global companies for 2005

Today’s Financial Times published the 2005 list of the world’s most respected companies. The leader for the first time is Microsoft, an indication that “the new economy has finally triumphed over the old”. Google ranked number 39, appearing for the first time among the top 50 respected list compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published by the Financial Times (last year Google was 58th). The list is composed after survey some 1000 global business executives along with media analysts, fund managers and non-profit organizations.

Among the other high tech companies Apple Computer ranks number 9 (up from position 42 in 2004) boosted by its iPod, Intel at 31 (up from 38th in 2004), and Cisco Systems reached number 30 (up from position 61 in 2004), the networking equipment company. No other internet pure-play made it to the top 50.

In addition, Google is number 9 among the most innovative companies as ranked by fund managers, up from 14th place in 2004. eBay was ranked number 7 for innovation but is not listed in the general ranking of the most respected companies. Similarly, is ranked 12th for customer service but is not listed among the most respected companies. Yahoo is not mentioned in any of the lists.

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