CoolTechZone published a timeline of Google’s acquisitions. In retrospect, it is interesting to see what were those acquisitions used for and how their employees and cultures mashed with Google’s ones. As David Vise claims in “The Google Story” and a recent article “Googling for Gold” in BusinessWeek explains, Google’s approach to acquisitions has been to seek for technology start-ups which have a product, technology or idea that can easily be incorporated into the rest of Google’s galaxy of products and naturally expand it, and not an overhyped marketing-driven corporation. See for yourself the Google acquisition and investment story so far:


Company Name


Related Google Service

2005 Jul

Android Inc.

Mobile Devices Software Provider

Possible use for Google Talk or Google Phone

2005 Jul

Current Communications

Internet Communications

Possible use for Google Wi-Fi

2005 May


Mobile based social networking

Integrate with Google Maps/Earth/Ride Finder

2005 May

Urchin Software

Web Analytics

Google Analytics

2004 Dec


Mobile GPS/Traffic Updates

Google Ride Finder

2004 Oct



Google Maps, Google Earth

2004 Oct


Image Management


2004 Apr

Ignite Logic

Setting up Websites for Law Firms

Possible use for Searching Laws/Lawsuits

2003 Oct

Genius Labs


2003 Oct



AdSense and AdWord

2003 Sep


Personalized Internet Search

Google Personal

2003 Apr

Applied Symantics

Online Advertising

AdSense, AdWatch

2003 Apr

Neotonic Software

E-Mail Customer Support

E-mail Discussion Groups, Gmail, CRM

2003 Feb

Pyra Labs


2001 Sep

Outride, Inc.

Personalized Internet Search

Personalizing Internet Search

2001 Feb

Deja’s Usenet Discussion Service

Usenet Search

Google Groups

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