America, the Land of Cyber-selling

About 1 in 6 internet-using adults in the U.S. have sold something online, reported the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

The move to online transactions has enormous implications for one of the major revenue streams for newspapers: classified ads. This also indicates how timely is Google’s move into classified ads, with its Google Base initiative.

Data from comScore Media Metrix show that the number of Americans using online classifieds has shot up 80% in the past year, led by the rapid growth of the sites organized by

The Pew Internet Project found that:

  • 30% of those with broadband internet access at home and work have sold something online
  • 26% of Gen-Xers (29-40) have sold something online;
  • 17% of Gen Y (18-28) have done so, as have 13% of internet users over 40
  • 20% of online men and 14% of online women have sold something online
  • 32 million American adults have used online classified ads for selling or buying
  • 35 million American adults have ever participated in an online auction

The top five classified sites recorded by comScore Media Metrix in October 2005 were:

  • 8,236,000 unique visitors
  • Trader Publishing Company 7,468,000 unique visitors
  • 4,298,000 unique visitors
  • 1,555,000 unique visitors
  • Abracat Property 924,000 unique visitors

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