WebTrends Training for Technical Professionals – Day 4: Advanced Reporting – Drilldown Reports

Last day of my WebTrends training. We continue with Custom Reports and will focus today on drill down reports.

With parameter analysis, we are limited to two parameters; with custom reports, also limited to two parameters. Drilldown dimensions shows you all the dimensions you would want to track down and can select for your custom report.

Another use for drilldown reports is when you have a lot of external information and you want to put it together. There is a pre-defined hierarchy for campaign attributes in WebTrends.

Using SmartView to track customer behavior

SmartView integrates actual view of the website in a browser with the WebTrends data. It is a great tool for novices to web analytics to give them a sense of what information is available.

For some of the functionality of SmartView you need to use session or persistent cookies or user ID and password — IP / User Agent sessionalization is not sufficient. Also, visitor history needs to be enabled.

SmartView compares the URI on the link to data. SmartView does not work with Javascript / pull-down menu links.

If you have two links on a page going to the same destination, i.e. top link and bottom link, you need to add the following parameter WT.svl to each link, i.e.


This would split the reported traffic between the unique links.

Install SmartView on each user’s machine and give them view access to SmartView. Access is based on profile basis.

Advanced SmartView reports are based on “page transitions”. These are combination of the page the visitor was on and the next one the customer visited.

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