New website for Slow Food DC

Today, after a very fruitful collaboration with a talented team of volunteers, I launched the newly redesigned website for Slow Food DC, which is the Washington, DC metropolitan area chapter of Slow Food. It’s mission is very worthwhile, “Supporting Good, Clean, and Fair Food”, and I was delighted to assist them.

Slow Food DC

I got involved with this project after an old friend of mine, Alexandra Greeley, suggested my services to the chair woman of Slow Food DC, Kati Gimes. Before you know it, I was consulting with a group of young dedicated volunteers, many of whom have done wonderful work in website redesign or social media management for other DC-based non-profits, themselves.

During our meetings, we discussed the content strategy, the target audiences, the information architecture, and the technological platform. A young Photoshop aficionado took upon herself to design the banner incorporating the new Slow Food DC logo.

The site uses the new WordPress theme twentyone which is extremely powerful. It utilizes plug-ins for Google Analytics, Twitter and RSS feeds. It truly is a marvelous content management system which will burden of needing a webmaster any time a new content update is needed.

Congratulations, Slow Food DC! Cheers!

Getting closer to a universal semantic web

Back in 1999, when Tim Berners-Lee publushed his seminal book Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web, the references to the “The Semantic Web” were mostly to describe the original CERN information management experiment from 1989-1990 which lead to the invention of the World Wide Web. Just as Sir Berners-Lee’s book was being published, Google was hatching out from an academic idea to a company which would take over the world, and would implement many of those brave ideas.

Today, Google purchased Metaweb, a company with a revolutionary idea which will get us a step closer to that original vision of a universal semantic web: