Not long before I was given an opportunity to present at the 2006 eMetrics conference in DC, I had been promoted to manage the combined web and business intelligence teams at USAC. The reason was simple — management by metrics was the only way to go if this non-for-profit organization responsible for the $8 billion Universal Service Fund was to be efficient. My thinking then was that web analytics and business intelligence were complementary. Today, my thinking is that they should not be viewed as separate disciplines anymore.

Web Analytics and Business Intelligence — Marriage Made in Heaven

The days of the separate tools are numbered. Big data vendors left and right are offering ways to integrate data from disparate sources. The skill sets should not be unique anymore as we are all to analyze the ways for optimizing an organization’s engagement with customers and constituents as well as its operational efficiency.

Web Analytics and Business Intelligence -- marriage made in heaven
Web Analytics and Business Intelligence — marriage made in heaven. Image courtesy of IQWorkForce.

If Web Analytics is Business Intelligence, as the DA blog claims, why do we still view them as separate disciplines? If eConsultancy is inviting us to break down the silos between Web Analytics and Business Intelligence, why do we still cling to these obsolete boundaries?

True, there is data that originates on websites and data that originates in transaction systems but data is data. Do we need to split mobile analytics from web analytics? What about piping data from the internet of things? It is time this false dichotomy be put to rest.

What we need are skilled data analysts and flexible data analysis tools!



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