One World Baha’i School website redesigned

One World Baha’i School logoI am pleased to announce that the One World Baha’i School website has been redesigned and launched on the WordPress platform. I am very greatful for the highly flexible WordPress theme from Semiologic and the help from numerous fellow web developers. The new site should enable to school managing staff to post and edit content independently in a user-friendly and search-engine friendly manner.

For those in the Northern Virginia area, seeking spiritual education for children and adults alike, I could not recommend a better place than the One World Baha’i School!

Google in love

Google is famous for its doodles and holiday logos. Today’s is not an exception: Valentine’s Day is as good an excuse as any to be creative. I just thought it was funny that they overlooked the spelling and missed the L, resulting in Googe. Is it coincidental, or is it that the L is out for lunch or the artist is in love 😉

Google in love

P.S. Oh, well, I should have known better. Had I read the official Google blog today, I would have known that this all was intentional. Moreover, as someone at reddit noted:

The logo is intentional, and is a reference to Barnabe Googe, a 16th century poet famous for the following line: “I did but see her passing by, and yet I love her till I die.”

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Walmart’s video download store – the sequel “Unsupported browser”

I just decided to check whether Walmart has done anything about browser-compatibility (or lack thereof as noted yesterday) of its new video download store. Yes, they have… less than I expected but still better than nothing. They have posted an announcement that Firefox is not supported:

Walmart unsupported

Now, why is it difficult to me to imagine that the local Walmart store screens out incoming customers and declines access to to the 10% of them? That is exactly what happens when you do not allow the 10% or so of web visitors using Firefox. All it takes is to design using web standards…

Walmart Video Download Store showing no respect for web standards

Yesterday Walmart launched a video download store which is supposed to rival iTunes in enabling online download of movies. The selection of more than 3000 titles is impressive. What is disappointing is that the site does not work in Firefox:

Walmart video download store in Firefox

Not surprisingly, the store works fine in Internet Explorer 7:

Walmart video download store in IE7

Now, having the word BETA on a newly launched website is a fine, and nowadays fashionable, excuse — a certainly more elegant solution than the notorious “site under contruction” sign we used to see in the yesteryears — but neglecting 10% or so of your web audience which uses the Firefox browser, does not make much business sense, particularly when you want to establish credibility in a new business.

Ajax tools, calendars, past failures and current successes

Just a brief list of free tools for Ajax web development:

And a couple of cool online calendars:

Last but not least, a summary of a presentation by Adam Bosworth, Google’s VP of Engineering, on the past failure and current success of Ajax:

“…in the end, AJAX got a second life, primarily because the physics changed” – Adam Bosworth

Hide your email address from spammers

I manage numerous web sites and domains and my email address is often exposed on the contact pages of the web sites I maintain and optimize. Not surprisingly, my email address has been scanned by any imaginable spammer which make sure my inbox is never empty.

The following is a simple piece of JavaScript code you could use on your own web page to help you achieve dual benefit:

  • Prevent spammers from scanning your email address
  • Enable your legitimate users to send you email messages by clicking on the active email link

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Web site building for small businesses to grow

According to research firm IDC Web site building should continue to grow. Apparently, there are nearly 8 million small businesses in the U.S. with under 100 employees and most of them have yet to build a Web site. Are you one of them?

Convinced that and eBay are not the only companies that will profit in the months ahead from helping small businesses sell products online, venture capitalists have resumed pouring money into companies serving the small business web development market.